Best Foods for the Doshas



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Food is the basic building blocks for our physical bodies. Depending on who we are as a unique person, or, our balance of doshas, we might need different types of foods.

Vatas are very light and airy. They will need foods that are grounding, stabilizing and warm. Since vatas don't have a lot of structure, their food needs to have more structure or they will get weak and their tissues will break down. They need to eat what I call "building" foods.

Pittas are slightly oily, hot and sharp. They will also need foods that are cooling, fresh, and mild. They will also need grounding foods but for a different reason — pittas will burn through food quickly, so if it's not substantial enough, they will be hungry (and cranky!) often. Pittas have medium structure and also need "building" foods so their naturally strong digestive fire stays strong, without burning up the tissues.

Kaphas are already quite built! They need light, warm, spicy foods to ignite some heat! Kaphas don't need grounding or overly "building" foods because they have that naturally. Too much of those types of foods and kaphas will feel heavy and tend toward weight gain and sluggishness.

I will say one thing, don't stress about the foods you are eating and if they are right vs. wrong. 

Use the recommendations here but be OK experimenting with full awareness on how you feel after you eat a certain food. Our best learning will be to test things and measure until we know what's best for us. 

Yeah? Keep bringing Ayurveda to life!
Monica B



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