If you find yourself thinking, "Can someone please make Ayurveda simple so I can use it?" I got your back! Ayurveda 101 is a simple crash course for newbies to help you begin creating your best life and health.


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A variety of products and services to inspire your Ayurvedic journey. From coloring books to 1:1 coaching, there's something for everyone.


I found Ayurveda on accident right when my mind, body, and spirit needed it the most. It completely changed my life so I'm here to help you change yours too.


Ayurveda is an ancient medical science stemming from India, which literally translates to  "knowledge or science of life." Achieving optimal balance in the body, mind and spirit throughout life is the goal.

By honoring that we are each unique individuals, Ayurveda focuses on disease prevention through proper diet, lifestyle and knowledge of our unique constitution.

Complex healing modalities and therapies are used to cure chronic disease, however most health problems can be cured and avoided simply with diet and lifestyle.

The beauty of Ayurveda is the results are dependent upon the participation of the client (that's you!). That is empowerment!

HeyMonicaB was created as a resource where we can all learn and apply Ayurveda so we can live the best life possible.

Gain deeper understanding of  yourself and others with this 3-page guide about the physical, mental and emotional tendencies of each dosha. 


In Your Elements walks you through fundamental Ayurvedic foundations and includes over 70 questions, exercises and oodles of tips to help you along the journey. The book is a customized look at your life including, your daily routine, dosha quiz, menus, recipes, home therapies, exercise recommendations and more! Bold graphics throughout will delight and inspire as you walk on your path to customize, craft and transform your life.


A Blooming Resource on Ayurveda

Simple, practical and fun ways to get better health by using Ayurveda in everyday life.


You betcha! If there is a place Ayurveda is needed, it's in the office. Most of our waking hours are spent at work — that's a lot of our life! With eighteen years experience in the corporate world combined with Ayurvedic principles, Monica B. is an expert on teaching teams how to optimize their productivity, boost immunity, improve mental focus, eat the right foods for vitality and sustained energy, while improving team dynamics through understanding and compassion. Monica has brought Ayurveda to companies throughout the San Francisco Bay area and beyond!

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Have general Ayurvedic questions on diet and lifestyle? Need to clear confusion or have a topic you'd like me to cover? Ask me!

Please understand I cannot address personal health or disease-based concerns because Ayurveda is based on the individual. Unless I know you and your health history, it would be irresponsible of me to offer a solution. 

Love, Monica B.