When your inner wisdom gets LOUD

Dang, when we have peace and quiet with our own thoughts, the truth comes OUT!!

I wrote this last night, to myself. It's around my lack of love or adherence to: planning! Planning.

I hate planning (did you see that? negative right there), I'm not good at it (see that? another one), it takes too much time (neggy). Besides I thrive even if I don't plan (closed mind), so I would much rather (ego-based) fly by the seat of my pants (comfort zone).

But my WISDOM says what's in this quote. Dang. I am listening and I will act upon this wisdom.

What do you constantly tell yourself over and over but you're still NOT doing it!?

Go there. USE YOUR WISDOM and DO that thing!!!!! It's probably not as hard as you THINK it is.

Your best life lies where you are too uncomfortable to go right now — so go there.

Big love, Monica B.



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