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training programs

Build high-performing individuals and teams AND have fun in the process. With Monica's Ayurveda-powered training programs, see a boost in your retention efforts.

1. Reduce attrition

2. Improve employee mental health

3. Glue the team together, like-minds, like-mission

Corporate coaching and training

Focused efforts on building resiliency, increasing performance, and rejuvenation practices to retain staff for a fraction of the cost of losing them. Customized wellness programs or team coaching to help them achieve top performance, and happiness. 


Improv for team building

In this accelerated learning format, teams will play and interact with each other to transform their minds around problem-solving, team building and business growth. Through improv & play, we'll bring laughter and holism to your team and improve your business at the same time. Go to the improv page <<here>>


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Why bring in an expert

When you have a burnt out team, your risk of attrition is high and your business will not grow. 

• Burnt out employees are high risk for attrition — top performing employees are always in high demand, they can go anywhere.

• The cost of replacing an individual employee is at least one and a half to two times the employee’s annual salary. Example: Annual salary of $80k, results in a loss of $120-$160k to find a replacement — for one person.

• Delivery on services/products is at risk in quality and quantity.

• Client relationships are at risk when staff leaves.

• Their knowledge goes with them, you can’t get that back.


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Clients call Monica when...

"They need a reprieve, a reset. They are burnt out and we can't lose them."

"Can you help them believe in themselves again, Monica? I need them at top performance." 

"You know this business inside and out, they need another voice besides mine." 

"I need to you break it, Monica. It's not working. You are the only one who can do it. Break it and make it better. Please."

— Susie Hall, President, Aquent/Vitamin T



Highlights of Monica's Experience

A unique hybrid of high performance coaching, business leadership, and Ayurvedic wellness, with a niche in creative staffing, recruiting and sales. Monica quickly gained Elite status and moved into Regional Director for the San Francisco market. And then, totally burnt out. She had to practice a new way of working in order to lead at a high level.

Monica trained her team on those principles and grew San Francisco to be the #1 market globally. To help more people, she left staffing and became a speaker, author, coach and trainer.

• 20+ years in corporate environment as a top producer and impactful leader.

• 15 years in creative staffing as a top performing recruiter (company Elite), regional director and performance coach.

• 15 years global Ayurveda teacher, author, and speaker

• Author of In Your Elements and Ayurveda For Life. 

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"I know my team has more in them. Keep them close to the dollar AND keep them happy."

— Executive Staffing Leader



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