Yay! We *heart* Ayurveda! 
Ok, time to create your best life...


Feel confident about the foods you are choosing!


There's so much confusing and conflicting information on what to eat and what foods are best for us.

Learn to eat according to who YOU are and leave the rest alone.

I'll give you the beginning knowledge on how to choose what foods are best for you. Your job is to give yourself permission.

  • Permission to block out noise about nutrition that doesn't make sense or work for YOU.
  • Permission to screw up and not punish yourself.
  • Permission to use food as a source of LIFE rather than a source of confusion.

Yeah? Does that feel better than any cloudiness you may feel about Ayurvedic eating or just "eating" in general? I hope so. 

Keep learning and practicing! Share below on what you learned or what you will start practicing to do differently in the way of eating.

It's time to create your best life! 

Monica B.

How will you adjust your eating?