Being a lifelong student is the key to creating a life of vibrancy and evolution. Uplift your health and life with the resources below. 

Ayurveda 101 Course

Beginning with the doshas, this is an impactful yet easy-to-digest, Ayurveda beginner's intro course. You'll learn what makes you tick, the best time of day to do things (timing matters!), and the best diet & lifestyle for YOU! 

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with Ayurveda
{6-Week Roadmap}

Create a better YOU in just 6 weeks with this step-by-step program! The course is a customized journey, built just for you, to instill a natural, healthy lifestyle that you can rely on for the long term. This course is designed to make creating your best life totally possible!

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Vata Workshop

Are you experiencing any overwhelm, anxiousness, scattered mind or overall exhaustion? Or any bloatey, pain, and discomfort after eating? You might even have the focus of a gnat and find it hard to make simple decisions? :)

If that's you, this Vata Workshop is for you. I got your back.

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Pitta Workshop

Learn eight ways to balance pitta in mind, body and spirit. If you are stressed out, burnt out or looking to achieve overall balance as a pitta, this workshop is for you!

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Kapha Workshop

Revitalize your wellbeing in mind, body, spirit with this Kapha Workshop. Improve your sleep habits, immunity, digestion, mindfulness and overall energy levels AND get the momentum you need to thrive in your life!

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Go With Your Gut: 4 Surprisingly Easy Steps to Happy Digestion

A mini-course with 4 simple steps for anyone struggling to know why they just don't feel good after they eat! The fix is probably easier than you may think.

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Bloomin' Balance System

For all you high-achieving women struggling to balance it all, there are are simple ways to do life better, on your terms — in just 20 minutes a day. Go from burnout to bloomin' with this Work-Life Balance System.

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A Mindset Class — Sattvic Living

Create a Harmonious Mind & Lifestyle!

The mind is the control center of our body, so learn how to create a high quality mind for the sake of your entire well being.

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