Why Am I Pooping Sad Little Balls?

Today, we are going to answer the question, "Why am I pooping sad little balls?"

Yes, because you ask me these things...Ya'll have mentioned pooping pellets, rabbit poop or pooping little deer poops or whatever you want to call it. In any case, the poop is coming out in hard little balls, and it's making you sad.

Well, let's make sure that you've got some tools to keep you pooping happy.

So, don't be sad, here's 5 things to help your sad poop balls:

1. More oils. These dry, little, pellet ball poops are happening because it points to dryness and lightness in the body. Right now, they're staying all up in there because they are too dry, too light.

If there is dryness and a lightness, Ayurveda uses the opposite qualities to balance, so then you need heaviness and unctuousness (oiliness) to help pull the poops down and out.

To help, begin adding oils to your diet whether drizzling olive oil over pasta, dipping bread in it, or sautéing veggies in it. However you like, bring in more oils! Olive, ghee, coconut are all great choices.

Happy bonus: Good for anti-aging, oils will help your skin look glowy and younger too! When the inside of the body is all dried out, your skin will show dryness as well. For more, check out this video: 5 Reasons to Include Oils in your Diet and on your Skin. 

2. Avoid dry, crunchy foods. IInstead of having a lot of dry, crunchy-munchy foods like pretzels, crackers, popcorns, rice cakes all day (all the vata people are raising their hands), have solid warm meals with pasta or rice (oil drizzle!), vegetables, little bit of meat if you choose.

You don't have to overthink it, but your meals should not consist of eight little dry, crunchy things all day long, or your poop is going to look the same as all those dry little crunchy things.

3. Avoid salads. lf you're eating a lot of salads, the veggies are cold, raw, dry, and light. For some people, this can cause a pooping problem.

If you're pooping little balls, then these veggies need to be warmed. You can steam them, roast them or sauté them, but make sure that your vegetables have been cooked a little bit in some way, so that there is heat and moisture added to them.

Definitely give them a drizzle of olive oil! It's going to immensely help your pooping problem by bringing more of a heaviness, unctuousness to those otherwise very light and dry and cold veggies.

4. Careful of coffee (I'm sorry!).  You might be mad at me about this, but coffee is cold and dry and light. For some people coffee's just fine.

By the way, everything here is case-by-case basis. In Ayurveda, everything depends. No two people are the same. My goal is to give you some guidance that you can try and see if this helps remedy your sad little pooping balls.

Coffee has a bitter taste to it which can be too light and dry and cold for some people. So, if you're having a lot of coffee, and pooping little balls is a problem for you, stop the coffee for a week and swap it out with some tea. Could be black tea or green tea or herbal tea, whatever you want. Do it as a test and see if your pooping improves — if it does improve, coffee could be the problemo.

5. Avoid excess Fiber. When we have a problem pooping, we usually go, "Oh, my gosh. I need extra fiber!"

Well, guess what? Fiber is also dry and light.

So, with this kind of pooping problem, fiber is going to create more dryness, more lightness. You also might get bloaties, crampies, extra gas, (all vata increasing) from extra fiber too. So if that happens, you're not crazy or broken, just lay off the fiber and have more oils in your diet.

So in a nutshell, you need to incorporate more oils and grounding foods. The poo gets all stuck up in there because they are too dry, which makes them light and hard. Oil is heavy and lubricating which will help the poop slide out.

I hope this gives you some tips so that you can poop a lot happier! *hooray for happy poops!* All the vatas will start hugging people when they poop well.

These simple adjustments can get you back to normal so give them a try! If you feel brave let me know if this helps you in the comments below! Keep bringing Ayurveda to life!





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