Why You're Craving Cereal Lately

Soooo...raise your hand, if you have kind lost your appetite lately. Or, notice any strange cravings, like you just want a bowl of cereal for dinner or a piece of fruit for lunch?

You're not crazy! It's because we are moving right into pitta season! In pitta season the fire + water elements govern the weather, the greater nature surrounding us.

We tend to think of summer as hot/fire, so you might be thinking, "But wait, it's hot...like increases like, so I should be starving." Good thinking! But notice that water element.

Because of the water, our digestive fire actually goes down a little bit. Water puts out fire.

Spicy, saucy, savory foods don't really sound good to us right now, it's counterintuitive to what's happening in nature. Instead we start craving pitta-balancing foods that are cooling and sweet like sweet fruits, sweet cereals, maybe ice creams! We no longer order a hot chai, we ask for an iced matcha.

 In fact, I just had a bowl of cereal for lunch (1/2 shredded wheats 1/2 TJs honey nut O's) with whole milk. It's kind of a dream meal for pittas this time of year!

If this fascinates you, I got so much more like this in the Pitta Summer Workshop next week!

The transition period from kapha to pitta season is happening, like right now. So, if lately you've kinda lost your appetite, are craving weird things, are more irritable than normal, have noticed some heartburn, or that pesky skin problem is coming back again...yessss. That's why, pitta season!

Join me for a 2-hour pitta workshop all about Ayurvedic diet & lifestyle for summer. I'll show you simple simple ways to balance pitta so you can feel awesome in summer AND no longer wonder why you're the weirdo ordering a popsicle at dinner.

Sign up for the workshop here! Seats are limited and don't forget, it's pittas you're dealing with. They are fast and competitive, so grab your seat before they take them all ;)

I hope to see you there! And go ahead and ditch the oatmeal for now some Rice Crispies, Corn Flakes, or Honey Nut O's could be just what the Ayurvedic Doctor ordered.

Pssssst...milk relieves heartburn, so if you have that problem, swig a little milk. And THIS is why/how food is used as medicine.

Keep bringing Ayurveda to life!

Monica B.
p.s. If you can't make it to the workshop, mark your calendars and join me Fridays LIVE on Facebook 11am PST where I answer the question "What does Ayurveda say about *fill in the blank*" Each week is a different topic based on diet & lifestyle. Super fun! Join us!