Freedom In Starting Over

Notice anything missing? Like my entire blog!?

Learned this week: Don't be afraid to tear it down and start over. 

It's 9.5 years old and long overdue for a makeover, so I finally decided to tackle the project. YAY great fun! And so friggin' daunting. There were 565 posts and felt like such a heavy load to move, adjust, fix, and weed through.

For years now I've felt like the amount of content was holding me back and weighing me down. I didn't even want to add to it anymore. I knew there was old crap in there. I knew stuff I'd written would make me want to hide my eyes. And therefore, I was afraid to go there.

Then I randomly came upon an article from Richard Branson that said, "Sometimes you need to tear it down and start over."


The words struck my heart like a glitter bullet and I took those 565 posts, archived 528 of them was down to 37. HOLY LIGHTNESS!! SO AMAZING!! FREE!! I can organize 37 posts!! And I can rebuild with more sophistication than before. It will be BETTER because I've grown in 9 years and don't need to keep all the old stuff. Note: Since writing this, I took those 37 posts down too, and simply created this new one. New beginnings. I'll bring back some of the content, but in a better way.

FOR YOU: Don't be afraid to tear it all down!! Sometimes that is the BEST thing we can do! Refresh! Get rid of it! Pull off the wallpaper! Break the process, create a new one! Toss your old spices or jeans that suck. Find a new job that challenges you.

Whittle down to the very basics and begin again. What is left after destruction is the space to create whatEVER we want!

What we've built once can be built again and even better. We must honor our evolving selves. What suited us 5 years ago or even 6 months ago might no longer suit us today. YAY! I mean really, YAY YAY YAY!Because that means GROWTH happened! *shakin' my tail feather*

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Think about what might need to be torn down. What is the benefit in keeping it vs. changing it? What's holding you back from making the change? Cheer on your destruction process because it means you are EVOLVING! Go there.

And let's bring Ayurveda to LIFE!

Monica B.