Improve Your Daily Energy {my #1 tip for an energy boost}


Want to know how to improve your energy for the whole day? Like the whooooole day!? The sustained, feeling good in your body/mind, energy!?

I'll tell you the number #1 thing to do in your morning routine that is absolutely essential in order to have great energy all day.

But first here's where most people think they're doing a great routine, but miss the most important part.

When I ask my clients or students what they are doing for a good morning routine, they usually say something like, "Well, I'm doing really good! I drink lemon water and I scrape my tongue!!" And they get very excited about that.

And I'm like, "That's great! Any other practices in your morning routine?"

They say, "No, that's it."

Then they get a little surprised when I say, "Drinking water and scraping the tongue is basically just good hygiene and hydration. Which is good (better than not) but likely not going to create drastic changes."

However, something that will change your life is this one thing.


This is where ya'll are going to "booo" me. You might not like it, but I'm not here to tell you things you want to hear, I'm here to change your life. So trust me, and listen.

Get up in the dark.

Hear me out, I will explain.

The doshas rule certain times of day. And from the period between around 2:00 a.m. and sunrise is vata time.

Vata is the energy of movement. Vata is the energy that gets us moving, it's the wind in nature. It pushes us and it guides us.

So, if we wake up during Vata time, we will have sustained energy all day long. It's like we will have all this momentum behind us. Since we rose in the right energy, it will sustain us all day long.

Most people sleep until the sun comes up.

And if you get up with the sun, you've missed your window. Because when the sun comes up, it's Kapha time.

Kapha is low, slow, mellow, steady, static energy. So, if you wake up feeling sluggish and think there's something wrong with you, there's probably not. You just didn't wake up early enough.

Also, we wake up at the wrong time, we might be eating at the wrong time, because our body is not adjusted to natural daily rhythm. And if we are low on energy, we often seek it from other places like maybe we grab extra sugar, or extra coffee, or extra food. 

So if you are having consistently low energy and you don't already wake up in the dark, this could be THEEE thing that brings you back to life.

Try it for like two weeks. You can totally do that. 10 or 14 days, which is probably more than you even need. But if you wake up in the dark, before the sun comes up, give yourself, like I said, 10 to 14 days to just do it and see how you feel. Yes, you might be more tired a little earlier in the evening, but that's okay, because my hunch is that most of us are staying up way too late noodle noodling on our smartphone, or doodle doodling on our computer screens and it's engaging our mind, it's keeping us up way too late.

So, do you see where I'm going with this? A little shift like that, you can shift your entire clock and your energy for the day.

Does this resonate? Does this help you? Give me your comments below, and let me know what you think about this. You can boo me if you want to, then I will try and talk you out of it. Or I can just be like, "You know what? Go ahead and try your things, but if it doesn't work, then come back to this and will you try getting up in the dark?"

All right? I love you very much. If this helped you today, share it with your friends. I'll see you soon as we keep bringing Ayurveda to life.



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