Constant food cravings? Maybe you're missing Higher Food.


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Sooo...have you ever found yourself consistently dissatisfied with your food?

Or maybe you have endless cravings and you're mindlessly munching, and you're like, "Nothing is satisfying me. I don't know what my problem is. I can't find anything that hits the spot."

Or maybe you get caught in a rut with overeating or emotional eating? You might even be completely aware and you're like, "I'm totally sad, so I'm just going to have the ice cream."

Yah, I think we've all been there! I know I have.

Today I'd like to teach you what you're likely MISSING if we consistently reach for food and yet, still feel discontented or dissatisfied.

I'd like to share an unexpected perspective that can help you through this the next time it happens.

When we go out seeking something to satisfy our taste or our taste buds, sometimes we're missing the "higher food."


When we go out seeking something to satisfy our taste or our taste buds, sometimes we're missing what is called the "higher food."

1. One example of higher food is love. Think about when you were first in're just so happy and blissy that you totally lose your appetite! You're like, "Whateverrrr...I can just eat a little bit and I'm fiiiiine...I feel so in looooove. I'm so happyyyyy, I don't even need much food."

Right?! YES! Because you've fallen in love and it's filling you up! Higher food.

2. Higher food can also be the sense of adventure. Sometimes we mindlessly just put food in our mouth because we're so freaking bored! Like, our mind doesn't have anything to look forward to!

If we're not outside, not in new places, our other four senses (sight, sound, smell, touch) might be underutilized, so we over utilize the sense of taste.

Getting a little adventure can help that. Adventure doesn't have to be like rock climbing the most difficult mountain. A simple example of adventure can be going to a concert, hearing the music, feeling the vibe of the music, and the energy of people around you.

Something like that will reduce that need to go chasing, searching for something to eat because you've filled yourself with a little bit of a sense of adventure. What kind of adventure could be something simple you can do this week? Get out of your comfort zone if you need to and do something that uplifts and enlightens and enlivens you a bit.

3. Higher food can also be education, or knowledge. I have a personal story around this. There was, a while back, it was probably a year and a half ago, it wasn't too long before that when I started working for myself teaching Ayurveda, so I was by myself in my house all day long. Like, I would get up and then grab a piece of cheese, or grab some crackers. I was total Vata munching all day long, and I got into that rut, I was like, "What is my problem?" Then I started a study group for one of the ancient Ayurveda texts and I had this amazing teacher. I didn't even pay attention to it, but I stopped snacking. I loved that class so much, I was so full of education and spirit and life wisdom. I felt so happy, I didn't need any extra food, I didn't need to go snacking, I didn't need it. That was my higher food.

4. Higher food is also being of service, giving back. How many of you have actually volunteered, helped your community, helped your church, or helped a meal program or something like that, and you volunteer, and you give back, and you feel so good. When I coached my daughter's soccer team, I've coached her for four seasons from when she was like six until eight. I didn't need breakfast, I didn't need a snack, I was starving for lunch. I just looked so forward to going and teaching these kids, and I was so present when I was with them, and I felt so full when we were done, when we were done playing. I was like, "That was so great. That was so fun. I'm full, I'm good."

So, if you've never thought about "food" that way, start to. Because mind, body, spirit are all connected. So in a nutshell...

You likely don't need more food! Bring in more love, a little adventure, new knowledge, or a way to give back.

These will help enhance the mind, enliven the spirit and help you feel more ALIVE! Overusing the sense of taste is a sign that other pieces are missing. So use it as a signpost that your life could use a little more ZEST and start building that in. I promise you'll feel so much more enriched. 

If this helped you, please share with others who could benefit and tell me in the comments what "higher food" you are going to begin seeking.

As always, we'll keep bringing Ayurveda to life.




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