I'm CONFUSED About Which Dosha to Balance!

It’s the #1 question I get...

Let me guess, you’re trying to be a good Ayurvedic student and make the right choices for your health, but your progress is stuck because now that you have begun learning, you realize you have no idea what dosha to balance! “How do I balance my natural dosha if the imbalanced one is opposite qualities? And what if I’m two doshas? And what about the seasons?” Sound familiar? I’ve totally been in your shoes! And I can help.

So, first. You don’t have to know your dosha, exactly.

When I first started learning Ayurveda in 2007, it took me 1 1/2 years to figure out my prakruti (natural balance of doshas), because my vata was so high, I acted and felt like a true vata. However, after some time, introspection, observation and practice I’m 90% sure I’m vata-pitta even split. See!? I’m still not exactly sure what my prakruti is! But I’m okay with that.

I share with with you because, even by knowing only a small part of my own story, I was able to use Ayurveda enough to begin heal and balance my life. And it worked wonders! Today, let’s begin to heal and balance yours too.

So, relax. We aren’t running any races. Allow discovering your dosha to take time.

But I took an online dosha test (or two) and it said...

Sometimes dosha tests are spot on — like you can feel it in your bones! And sometimes they confuse the dickens out of us. Dosha tests can be an awesome entry point, but don’t hold too tightly to them. There many variables that can skew results. For example, questions vary, interpretations differ, our mindset or mood, we might be attached to an outcome, etc., Besides, we usually have a gut instinct about our dosha simply by reading about the different dosha tendencies.

If you aren’t sure of your dosha, that’s okay, it might not be the most important thing you need to know right now! The doshas are constantly changing around us and within us! To try and balance them perfectly all the time, for our unique balance, is sort of an impossible goal. It’s not necessary or realisitic. So take a breath. If you aren’t sure of your dosha, that’s okay. Trust your gut. Trust your authenticity and just begin.

Second, begin with the imbalance. In the cheat sheet, I’ve listed general and common imbalances by dosha. If you feel one of these problems, it often points to the dosha that is imbalanced. Not always and everybody is different! But if you need a starting point, start there. There are 3 daily practices for each dosha that should help unravel the root of the problem.

Third, if you already feel great, then just keep doing what you’re doing! We don’t have to overthink or doubt ourselves if we’re feeling good. If whatever you are doing is working for you then *HIGH FIVE* because you’ve figured out what you really need. Keep listening to your intuitive voice and following that inner guide! Don’t go chasing around the earth for solutions to problems you don’t have. Just keep being awesome. 

Fourth, be sure to grab the "I'm CONFUSED about my dosha!" cheat sheet so you can begin to make the right diet & lifestyle changes for the dosha that needs it the most!




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