Agni in Ayurveda (4 Types of Digestion)

Agni, in Ayurveda is our digestive fire and when it functions properly, we have optimal digestion and optimal health. However, all digestion is not created equal! Depending on your dosha, you may have variable agni (vishama), overly hot agni (teekshna), or low agni (manda.

In the video, I give ayurvedic digestion tips for each one of the 4 agni types. Since each agni, has their own characteristics, I go over digestive problems and solutions for each one.

So whether you have variable digestion, fast digestion, or very slow digestion, don’t freak out. It may just be the way you are made! Therefore, it’s good to know to balance your digestion by way of Ayurveda.

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