A Kapha Goes to Costco, an Ayurvedic Story

 A Kapha Goes to Costco, an Ayurvedic Story.

My kapha husband wanted to disappear last night for an evening of carousing, by himself.

Do you know where he went?

Costco*. Yes, Costco because there are BIG things in multiples there and in BIG discounts. Kaphas love shopping, and sales and buying things in multiples. Kaphas are all about the accumulation and care-taking for everyone around them (cause they are so sweet). In a nutshell, Costco is kapha's heaven and vatas want to run screaming.

*For anyone unfamiliar, Costco is this MASSIVE warehouse, discount store where you can only buy things in multiples and/or huge things like a 12 foot stuffed teddy bear for $20, or a ginormous river raft that seats 30 of your closest friends (with built in cup holders!). 36" ready-made pizzas, tires, cruise-ship vacation packages, 20 lbs of mangoes, and a lifetime supply of shampoo. Anything. You can buy anything there in 10x the amount you need for 1/2 the price.

So check it out. My jolly kapha husband comes home with a 5 lb. bag of kettle corn. Cause we need that. Popcorn is LIGHT, by the way, so do you know how many corns make up 5 lbs!? Popcorn is the snack of choice for kaphas and toss in some sugar (a kapha vice), they are in total bliss. Now we have 5 fluffy pounds of...bliss for the husband. He also got a 6-pack of electric toothbrush heads because we need 6 of them for 2 of us. Yes, yes we do. Six. Do you know how long it takes to use one electric toothbrush head?! A long time.

He also got a 4-pack of sunscreen for just $9 ("At Target, these are $17 for only 2!"). And a big box o' Tupperware.

We live in a petite 1100 sq ft house. Costco was not made for us. BUT my kapha husband was made for me, so I'll just take this with humor and grace. Don't think my pitta didn't try to control the situation.

Before his journey, I asked if he could take my car and get me gas...(Costco also sells gas and of course he'll do it, he's a kapha)...in my MINI Cooper.

BOOYAH! Mini Cooper + Kapha + Costco = Can't buy all THAT much stuff!

Mwwaaahahahaaaa (evil, yet loving laugh).

The end.



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