What Each Dosha Needs in a Relationship

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Interacting positively with each other is what makes life AWEsome so we should know what the doshas need emotionally to feel supported and loved in their relationships.

Use the insights in this video to start reshaping and invigorating your LIFE with the people who surround you.

I swear, when you have amazing relationships, life gets RICHER! All great relationships begin with you, so this is all about self-awareness, expression and showing our appreciation for those we care about.

In summary, here's what they need.

What vatas need in a relationship

Freedom of expression. Give them space to freely sing, dance, emote, play, whatever. They will get sad if they feel they don't have the allowance or the space to express themselves

Confidence builders. We all know confidence comes from the inside but vatas are emotionally sensitive and tend to be self-doubters. So while they work on building their confidence from the inside, kind words of encouragement from the outside (that's you!) really helps too. 

Feeling safe. They need to feel safe, grounded, like they can screw up and it's ok, and judgement free. If they feel like they are walking on eggshells it will constrict them and is definitely not a confidence builder!

Point out what they do right. This goes along with confidence. Point out what they do well instead of pointing out what they missed. Then you can always say something like, "If you want to take it to the next level, you could do this or this a little better

What pittas need in a relationship

Follow through. If you promise a pitta you'll get it done, get it done. If you promise them you'll be there, show up. 

Time. Pittas are obsessed with time and never feel like they have enough. If you allow pitta to take some extra time they will be so thankful!

Recognition. Pittas are workhorses so giving them THANKS and KUDOS once in a while goes a long way. Sometimes all they do goes unnoticed so a little recognition gives them a bit of fuel in their fire to keep going. They will love you for it!

To know your Intent. Just tell them what you're doing. If you're going to be late, txt them. If you can't get it done on time, let them know and tell them when you can. Pittas are not angry sticklers (in most cases. ;), they just want to know what to expect. If you are mysteriously flaking, it will drive a wedge in your relationships.

What kaphas need in a relationship

To be Included. They love the people so bring em along!! Make sure you invite and include a kapha because they love nothing more than to be amidst happy people having a great time. They will remember it forever and you'll bring lightness to their spirit (and their step!).

Nudging. Kaphas don't really move around on their own ;) In order to inspire them to try new things or go new places, you'll have to nudge them. Keep it fun and positive, make sure they know it's doable and that it's gonna be great! Note for kaphas: If you're too stubborn, they won't include you because they will be worn out from trying.

Adventure. Again, they likely won't do this on their own but it's what they need from others. Kaphas do love an adventure once they try it — it's getting from the point of thinking it's a fun idea to actually doing it. They need others to bring them along and give them a fun taste of adventure!

Kindness. Kaphas carry the weight of other peoples' emotions, projects, expectations, timelines,, etc., all the time so be kind to them. They don't need a lot of gushing (in fact, they would rather die than have people gush over them), they just need sincere kindness, to offer a hand, to check in with them and make sure they are good. Treat them kindly because they work so hard. They don't need anything fancy, just remind them they are loved.

If you learned something today, give a shout in the comments below! I hope this helps you! Keep bringing Ayurveda to life!

Monica B.



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