The Best Project You'll Ever Work On Is You


The best project you'll ever work on is YOU.

As I write this, the tree is sparkling with white lights, the paperwhites are blooming, and I'm cozied in my fuzzy leggings (the fuzz is on the inside!) and fluffy socks. My parents left yesterday as we celebrated the holiday early and the house is quiet. I'm warm in heart and soul reflecting on so much that I learned in 2017.  

As I mentioned a couple weeks ago, I'm creating a special program for our HeyMonicaB community in 2018. Together we will learn, inspire, connect and evolve.

Consider dedicating a year to transforming, thriving, and creating your best life!

Learn about the Blooming Year of Ayurveda here!

I am putting the finishing touches on a yearlong program filled with Ayurvedic lessons, tips, inspiration, connection, and love.

Picture live video classes. Envision inbox inspirations and vibrant PDF downloads to support your journey. Imagine a supportive community cheering you on and learning with you. Imagine waking with full energy, driving your day with a clear mind, and supporting your body with the best foods that suit your dosha. You'll end the day with gratitude and appreciation for your life and the people that surround you. And you'll look forward to weekly lessons and inspirations to keep you buoyant and excited along the way.

Well, that is a sneak peek into what I’ll be announcing next week — we will definitely be brining Ayurveda to life! I can't wait and hope you're excited too!

Monica B.



Learn mindset shifts and daily practices to help you feel GOOD each day when life brings stress or the unexpected.