Awesome Resource to Relieve Upper Back Tension

SO! For the past four weeks, my neck, head, shoulders, and upper back have been a HOT MESS. Pain! Tightness! Moving like a robot!

Insight: I went back to my old job part time so maybe that has something to do with it (feeling the weight of the world?).

Can anyone else relate to crazy tension like that? 

I blame hours at the computer and clenching my jaw at night. Hot mess. Anyway, been having headaches, my teeth/jaw hurts when I chew, and I can't turn/loop my head which comes in handy, you know, for things like looking around when I'm driving.

I've been adjusting my work chair, doing yoga for my hips and lower back, oil massage, peppermint oil rub, tapping my face, lots of stretching, lots of water, laying on the hard floor, sleeping on my back, you name it. I even used some kind of shiatsu device to dig all in there (um, ouch). Nothing helped.

But LAST NIGHT I found my holy grail of yoga goodness for upper back care. It is definitely a challenging practice. It hurt and felt awesome at the same time. I took extra, slow deep breaths often and I winced sometimes. 

I felt better immediately afterward but what I didn't expect was this morning, I had NO PAIN! I feel like a normal human again after just one practice! I can turn my head (did anyone else think of Andre the Giant when they read that? "You can turn your heaaad! That's great!").

So if this is a problem for you too, you gotta try it. It's 37 minutes long — you can do that. Note: I am not affiliated at all with, I just love them and what they're doing.

Here is the practice I did:

Comment below and let me know how this works for you! I can't wait to do it again tonight! I feel better just thinking about it :) 

Keep bringing Ayurveda (and yoga) to life!
Monica B.



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