Ayurvedic Holiday Survival Guide

Happy Holidays! We're in the thick of it and it can either feel stressful and daunting or ALIVE and JOYFUL! The good news is you are in the driver's seat and can create either scenario. But sometimes you just need a little guidance to get there.

I've created a Free Ayurvedic Holiday Survival Guide so that you can THRIVE during holiday, not just survive. YOU are the one who shapes your experience of the season — create the joy and feel the SPIRIT.

Show up in body, mind and spirit! When you walk in the door, YOU create the energy of the greeting. Give them a lottery-winning hug! When you're engaging with others, YOU choose to look in their eyes and fully listen. When you see the pickle platter is kinda empty, YOU can offer help to the hostess. If the conversation is dry, YOU pick something interesting to talk about. And when you say goodbye, give another HUGE hug as if it might be the last time you see that person.

See how that energy is more vibrant when we engage in mind and spirit — rather than just showing up in our body? Really be there. Be a sparkly light. Shine and share your JOY out and other people will do the same. 

This 20-page guide highlights 9 of the most common areas we struggle with during the holidays including lack of mindfulness, overeating, overspending, relationships, and our desire to evolve.

Energy UP! Big INHALE! You totally got this. Absorb and expand what you love. Leave the rest.


After you get your download, comment below and tell me:
a) why you're excited for holiday 
b) what's going to be the most important area for you to keep balanced (overeating, relationships, overwhelm, etc.,).

I'll cheer you on!

Here are mine a) my parents are coming to visit next week!! woo! b) maintaining my meditation and exercise practice before then so overwhelm doesn't get the best of me.

I hope this inspires.
Keep bringing Ayurveda to life!



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