A New Perspective When Setbacks Bum You Out

One of you wrote to me and said: I had a couple discouraging weight loss setbacks early on that stopped me in my tracks for a couple weeks...

And I responded: OK!!! May I? Weight loss. Weight is a number. Focus more on your a) overall energy b) how you feel in your body c) how your clothes fit d) knowing that no matter what the results now, you are doing the RIGHT thing and that transformation takes time.

Sometimes numbers can bum us out and suck away our motivation! Don't let them tap your spirit, they are just numbers.

A story: 10 years ago, I was a personal trainer and taught an outdoor women's bootcamp at the crack of dawn in San Francisco right near the water (view of the Golden Gate bridge!). We had a BLAST each morning!! Everybody worked hard, had fun, told stories, made friends.

When the 8-week session was over, us coaches had to do a health assessment including weigh-in, fat check, and measurements for each woman. Some gals were happy with their results and some were brought to tears. Muscle weighs more than fat and has more roundedness, which can mean that even though you are doing something better for your body, the numbers can look sucky at first.

Those numbers crashed their motivation — it took the light right out of them, I saw it every time. And that's why I stopped coaching. Because a) everybody is different, not everyone will have the same (or even similar!) results b) if we are having FUN and doing something GOOD for our bodies, that is enough to celebrate today! c) we are SO much more than numbers! 

You just GO GO GO!! Work hard! Unfurl! Flourish! Have Fun!

Whether it's food related and/or exercise, you will achieve your goals as long as you keep practicing. I love the word 'practice' because that's what life is...no right, no wrong, good days, bad days...we just keep practicing! 

Big love!
Monica B.



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