5 Ayurvedic Tips for Balance During The Spring Time Change

This weekend in the United States, some of us move our clock 1 hour forward, which also means we lose 1 hour of sleep. This can mess people up energy-wise and yet some people do just fine with it.

Personally, I think a lot of this has to do with the mindset because a) we are pretty resilient beings b) it's only one hour. You've stayed up one extra hour before and it didn't mess you up.

I have 5 easy Ayurvedic tips to keep in mind as the time change approaches!

1. Control your mind and go with the flow. Don't make the spring time change a bigger deal or worry than it needs to be, because the mind affects the body. If you tell yourself it's going to be bad and you're going to be dragging for two weeks, you'll probably fulfill your prophecy  :) However, you've done this before and have done just fine. Remember that you used to rock out on the occasional Saturday night, losing at least an hour, and then you woke up on Sunday and got your stuff done. No problem.

The point is, the time change may make you a little tired for a day or so, but don't let your thoughts take you down!

2. Go to bed 1 hour early. You should be able to even this out if you just hit the sack 1 hour earlier than normal. Easy breezy.

Also!! You are now PRIMED to wake up in the dark! Waking before the sunrise is an Ayurvedic daily routine best practice! Nature is totally working in your favor right now!

3. Warmth. If you really do get affected for a while (some vatas do!) then make sure you are eating warm, saucy vata foods, because it will help calm and soothe the hour that just disappeared from us into the ether. Warm soups, some yummy Thai food, or a stew of some kind would be great. Stay away from the ice creams, ice, raw veggies until you get your verve back (which should only be a couple days).

4. Water. If you feel a little drowsier than normal, drink more water than you think you need. You can actually do this ANY time! Bring in the life-force from water because the water element is balancing to the "air and ether" elements and make sure you are fully replenished.

Also...I believe that the more water you have in you, the more you are able to go with the flow.

You get bonus points if you put the warm & water ideas together and take an epsom salts bath or sit in a hot tub — these should relax you so you can sleep a wee bit earlier which helps realign your clock. 

5. Use your breathwork. The nostrils are the closest passageways to the mind and so when we use our breath it gives us INSTANT PRANA (vital life force) and we feel better in a jiffy! Does using the word "jiffy" make me sound old? Anyway, use your breath as your greatest, most powerful tool to revive and re-energize you! It will help you in an instant.

Here's how to use your breath to help revive and reboot your energy:

• Sit with your spine straight, feet flat on the floor.

• Close your mouth, inhale through the nose deeply

• Exhale through the nose forcefully and deeply until all the air is squeezed out.

• Repeat at least 10x.

• Notice how you feel better!!

Use your breath ANY time to change your energy!

If you want to reinvigorate ALL YOUR DAYS, I got helps for you right here. It's my super-simple practice that I did each morning to get me out of burnout.

So, time change or not, daily vigor is important so we can do our best life and serve in our best ways.

Happy *almost* spring! I hope you relish in the extra sunlight in the evening!
Monica B.

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