Why You're Low on Energy


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Today, we're going to talk about why low energy happens and some of the tools we can use to boost our energy in an instant.

A couple weeks ago, one of my dear, sweet clients was talking to me and she said, "You know, I had low energy, so I was looking to try and find a food that would give me more energy."

I said, "Stop. Were you hungry?" She said, "I don't know." I said, "How do you know it's food that you need to give you more energy? Just because we're eating more food doesn't necessarily mean we're going to get more energy and, in fact, if we eat too much food, we're going to get even lower energy."

It was like a light bulb went off for her.

I wanted to share that with you, too. When you're feeling low energy and reach for a snack food, bring awareness to your hunger. Ask yourself "Am I hungry? Do I feel the burn in my stomach? Do I feel that hunger for more food or do I just not know what else to do?"

Maybe you aren't physically hungry. Maybe you need the higher food, which is prana.

When we feel low energy, we are lacking prana.

What is prana?

Prana is life energy, the life source, our vital life source that keeps us going. What does prana consist of? It's food. It's water. It's breath. It's moving our bodies. Maybe write those four things down. And put them in your head. Write them down in here with mental chalk: food, water, breath, and movement, ooo and nature! Sorry, there's five. All of those things bring in prana. They bring in the life energy to us.

When we're feeling low on energy, we need one or more of these things: food, water, breath, movement, nature.

So! When we are feeling low on energy, take a break. Go get a big glass of water. Ten big breaths. A 10-minute walk. Do a little stretching. It's your job to bring this prana in because low energy is just a falling of the prana. We can generate more energy any time we want to! Bringing in prana will give us more energy and vitality — it's like fuel. We need to refuel frequently.

Some things that I do when I'm feeling lower energy:
1) I will stand up and I will take some big breaths. I'll lift my arms above my head (big inhale!) and bring them back down the front (big exhale!). Do that 10 times and see how you feel.

2) Or you can stand up and bounce on your feet bringing in the breath through the nose, out through the nose. Or you can breathe it out through the mouth.

Tip: The nostrils are the two passageways that are the most direct route to the brain. When we fuel our brain with oxygen, we fuel our mind and our whole body with more oxygen. We can breathe easier. We feel easier emotions. We get centered. We get focused. All that chitter chatter stuff goes away. It starts not to matter as much anymore because we've got the life force going from within.

I also recommend, especially if you have a desk job, take breaks several times a day. Set a little alarm on your phone for maybe 10:00, noon, 2:00, making sure that you're taking breaks. The breaks can be short. Take a breath. Take some water and get back to it and then, full presence right into your work. And say, "Thank you for the work!" Even if it's not your favorite work, it's providing you a paycheck. It's providing you a community of people around you. It's providing you with skills that you can build upon. It's providing you with more opportunity to do even greater things. And giving thanks all by itself, is an energy boost. It lifts us up!

Quick recap: Low energy is not necessarily a result of hunger. It can be a result of lack of prana, so bring the prana in. What are the vehicles that give us prana? Food, water, breath, nature, movement. Good! Go fill up with some prana right now after this video. Stand up. Go do some breathing. Get some water. You'll feel great.

As always we will keep bringing Ayurveda to life.

Monica B.



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