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AYURVEDA FOR LIFE: A Beginner's Guide to Balance and Vitality

When your body, mind, and spirit are aligned, you will prevent health problemsgain clarityreach your goals, and feel your best

Ayurveda for Life includes an overview of Ayurveda, along with the easy-to-follow daily step-by-step guidance, all conveyed through Monica’s approachable, practical, and entertaining instruction. So, whether you’re an overworked mom or a GenXer wanting to finally create life on your terms, this book will help you get—and stay—balanced.



"Life meets work. Work meets life. You play many different roles in a day, but you are the same person who transitions through all of them. You are the central hub of your life and when your mind, body, and spirit work better, everything around you will work better."

The Author, Monica Bloom

Monica Bloom is an enthusiastic Ayurvedic coach and speaker. After living at the intersection of a stressful corporate job, a three-hour daily commute, motherhood, and a side hustle, Monica became the expert at tucking Ayurveda neatly into a busy modern life.

During that craziness, she used her Ayurvedic know-how to overcome burnout, clear her mind, and exude joy each day. Her sweet spot is teaching busy go-getters how to enrich their minds, bodies, and spirits so they can enjoy achieving their goals and love their life!


This book is to educate and inspire you to create a vibrant life on your terms. May it ignite joy, surprise, and delight while giving you direction to help you feel good each day in your mind, body, and spirit.

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