Now is the ideal time of year to spring clean your digestion and your mindset!

You can do this by eating kitchari as a monodiet for 3 days.


Wait, what on earth is kitchari (kit-cha-ree)?

It is a blend of rice, mung dahl, ghee, spices and veggies.

Kitchari is considered a pure (or, sattvic) food, which brings harmony to the body and the mind.

Kitchari will reset your digestion, clear out any old food stuffs,
and bring clarity and peace to the mind.

We will also calm our activity with downtime, meditation, and relaxation.


What we'll be doing:
Enjoy a mono-diet of kitchari for 3 days. You can sip herbal teas between meals. A piece of fruit as a snack is ok if you are very hungry. Take life slower than normal. Easy reading, limit screens (tv, computer, mobile), spend time outside, light exercise, journal.

You may notice any of these benefits:

• mental clarity and peaceful mind
• enhanced energy
• better sleep
• better focus
• reduced bloating, distention
• better poops (helps constipation and loose poops)
• improved mood, happiness as your default
• your face might look better (!) as inflammation, extra water, and stress reduces 

Reset with this awesome 3-day spring cleanse

Ignite your digestion, clear your mind, and enhance your mood.


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