Grow your mind and your business
with improv




Let's P.L.A.Y.

Presence. Listen. Accept. YOUnite.

Through improv & play, we'll bring laughter and holism to your team and improve your business at the same time.
In this accelerated learning format, teams will play and interact with each other to transform their minds around problem-solving, team building and business growth.
And hey, who doesn't like to PLAY!?



Imagine your team in total sync...

  • With full confidence in their actions

  • Becoming better leaders who listen, inspire and champion those around them

  • Bold creative thinkers

  • Turning objections into acceptance

  • With full focus & enhanced productivity

  • Trusting each other, having each other's backs 

  • Solidifying internal and external partnerships

  • Thinking on their feet

  • Solving problems quickly

  • Having fun each day

Why does Improv work?


Monica is beyond amazing. We hired her to use her improv skills with my entire Sales team. Really what she taught them was active listening and how to be ‘in the moment’ with our clients. She was professional, organized, energetic, patient and responsive. I learned a great deal from her that I still use today in daily life (both professionally and personally). I recommended her to Sales leaders who have hired her and used her techniques to help their own teams grow. She is inspirational. 
- Stefan DeCota, SVP Revenue at Proedge LLC

Your Trainer, Monica Bloom

Improviser, Ayurvedic Lifestyle Expert, Entrepreneur, Boss.

In the corporate workplace, I used my improv skills DAILY and it fueled my business!

As a Recruiter, I grew my business from 0 to 94 working candidates in two years and achieved company Elite status. My talent and client partnerships were so solid they grew almost on autopilot.

As Regional Director in staffing, I led the charge and grew the San Francisco market from 1.8M to 5.2M in two years, boosting our market to #1 in revenue in the country.

And here's the cool part. I'm really not that smart! *jazz hands* 

But I know improv! I've used improv as my main tool to achieve business growth and have crazy fun in the workplace. And if I can do it, you can too.

I show up with full presence, I say "YES!" to helping others, I quickly bounce back from setbacks and firmly believe that delight and surprise is one of the best ways to enjoy the day. I trust my team and most of all, I trust my own behavior.


Success is built on a mountain of failures.

We don't have to know everything to be successful. We just have to trust ourselves and our teammates while being able to laugh and pivot when things don't go our way.

Success is built on a mountain of failures.

So let's play, learn how to fail and learn how to keep going until we reach the top of the success mountain!

Contact me for a free consultation to see
if improv is right for your team!

[email protected] | 415-342-3128


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