Transformative Ayurvedic Coaching

Your inner spark is telling you it's time...

Have you ever felt like your inner potential is so close to budding, but you don't exactly know what changes to make to get to the next level?

Or maybe you feel like you are totally off balance but you're not sure how to fix it?

Maybe you're sick of replaying the same patterns and negative beliefs that are holding you back.

And now, you are eager to do the work to achieve transformation and evolution in mind and body! create the life you want.

I'll create the roadmap as we cover  the full spectrum of wellness to improve your daily schedule, nutrition, digestion, exercise, stress levels, career/life purpose, relationships, emotions, etc., in a way that makes the most sense for you.

In Ayurvedic coaching we will address all of these and more to maximize your body, mind and spirit health.

We will pinpoint what areas need attention in order to gain optimal energy, clarity, and healing

Together, we will heal what needs healing and amplify your inner potential that is just waiting to shine.


your potential is eager to shine


Full Bloom Coaching will help you: 

• Attain and sustain better energy, daily

• Clear confusion on what foods are best for you

• Unravel and heal health issues*

• Build a lifestyle to support strong immunity and vitality

• Feel and exude more positive emotions

• Reduce and dissolve stress 

• Gain stamina, courage, and clarity to achieve your big goals

• Discover and work toward your life purpose

• Bring compassion and understanding in your relationships

*some imbalances take longer than others. 

"This coaching was spot on AND exceeded my expectations 100 times over. The real time, live access and individual approach, superb."

Los Angeles, CA

Start with a free
1-hour session with me

I look forward to working those who are committed to transformation through consistent practice, based on the principles of Ayurveda.


What to expect

Full Bloom Coaching program provides tailored, private one-on-one coaching and support. If you're ready to live your best life in good health, love, laughter and vibrancy, let's get started! Here is what's included:

• Free 1-hour intake session. We will decide if I am the right Ayurvedic coach for you.

• Our first session will be a 2 hour full health assessment.

5 x 1-hour online sessions every 1-2 weeks, whatever we decide is needed.

• Lifetime access to my 6-week Create Your Best Life course ($397 value!)

• A copy of my In Your Elements book in paperback and digital.

3 online private modules to support your daily best practices

Tailored resources — throughout the program including custom Ayurvedic research, articles, book referrals, meditations, and other custom resources to support your journey.

Email and text support between sessions. I welcome your questions during our time together.



"Monica B provided nothing but positivity encouragement, support and guidance. She believed in me and that was kind of contagious. She gave me strategies I can draw upon whenever I need them to keep me balanced, on track and living my best life! I feel truly honoured and privileged to have had this experience from the bottom of my (now very open and loving) heart for everything she helped me to achieve. "

Suzanne. H.
Surrey, England

How is Full Bloom Coaching unique?


We transform your whole life, not just your body.

• We cover all aspects of life, not just the physical body. Included are diet, building a positive mind, workplace balance, life purpose, home remedies, stress release, relationships and more.

• From the perspective a working mom in a fast-paced city, I have figured out the most simple and effective Ayurvedic short cuts anybody can use.

• In my corporate job, I ran a division and managed a team of eight. I coached various personalities and was able to extract the best performance and positivity out of each one of them — I'll do the same for you.

• We merge Ayurveda and high performance. We will optimize and maximize how much you get done in a day, while making it happen with full joy. 

• Lifelong learning. Most Ayurvedic practitioners help heal, but they do not teach, which is where your power lies. I teach and you'll have the knowledge forever.

• Video library of tutorials to support your daily practices including pranayama, meditations, and exercise.

 Lifetime access to the 6-week course for further support and learning.

• Supportive materials such as worksheets, journal pages and my book In Your Elements to build a strong foundation.

Book your free 1-hour intake call

Your best life is closer and easier than you think! Just take one step toward your goal.


"After changing my eating habits to fit more in line with my Ayurvedic constitution, I immediately felt a difference in my concentration and energy. Along with an increase in mental clarity, my chronic allergies were put to ease and I was more relaxed and less anxious."

San Mateo, CA

Hey! I'm Monica B.

I spent the past 10 years teaching and practicing Ayurveda while managing a team of eight at my day job, enduring a 3-hour daily commute, fueling a passion job, writing a book, and trying to be a good mom and wife. I've lived at the intersection of the corporate world and Ayurveda and because of that, I've become the expert at tucking Ayurveda neatly into a busy modern life.

The only way I could do all that stuff with my head on straight is because I practice what I preach! I get it! I know it's hard to juggle everything. In order to do life with full presence and joy, we need to feel optimal in mind, body and spirit. And I have the tools and perspective to help you get there!

Based on my life experience, I've created a completely unique and highly impactful Ayurvedic coaching program that will work for anyone who craves a better life.

Please note: I AM NOT A DOCTOR! Nope. I'm totally not and I have no medical background. I am an Ayurvedic Practitioner who offers lifestyle and nutritional coaching based on the principles of Ayurveda. I look forward to offering more healing modalities as my education in Ayurveda continues.

Is this for me?




Coaching is for you if:

• If you are striving to heal your body, fuel your energy and LOVE your life!

You desire a higher level in life and health, but you haven't reached your potential yet. You see it, believe it and you're excited to achieve it!

• You have the utmost belief that with discipline, a simple framework, and an expert coach, you will thrive.

• With full awareness and discipline, you are ready to practice new habits for the sake of thriving in your mind, body, and spirit.

• You are willing embrace a multi-approach to healing, including food, mindfulness, exercise, sleep, breathwork and more.

Coaching is not for you if:

• You are looking for a quick fix.

• You are unwilling to change your daily habits.

• You are not ready to invest in yourself


Spots are limited.

I only have a few slots open because I am dedicated to creating highly impactful individual coaching for each one of my clients.


"Full Bloom Coaching was so much more than I expected and has brought amazing awareness to my every day. Change is not always easy, but with the knowledge & tools shared in coaching this is a life-long journey of learning what is best for ME."

Tressey A.
Chicago, IL


Do I have to know Ayurveda?

It helps, but nope! If you don't know Ayurveda, I will teach you along the way and you'll have some reading homework. I've had several clients who didn't know much about Ayurveda prior to beginning and they achieved great results.

Will the practices be hard to fit into my lifestyle?

Not hard, but you may have to rearrange when you do things. I will give suggestions and you choose the practices to work on each week. So, I have the map, but you drive. The suggested practices are designed to fit easily into your lifestyle.

How much time do I need to dedicate each week?

Our sessions are 1+ hours long and you'll have some homework each week. Homework is mostly hands-on diet, lifestyle, and mindful practices built to suit your individuality and schedule.

Where do we meet?

In a Zoom private video conference room.

Are there payment options?

Yes, there are payment options which we can discuss during our intake call.

It's time to create your best life!

It's your story.

You have a story and you have a path. Is your health and lifestyle where you where you want it to be right now? Are there things you know you could do better but for some reason you feel stuck in making the change? 

Most of us are on an evolving path and recognize we can always improve. But the question is, when? If not now, then when? If you've been putting yourself last for a while (years?), it's time to make a new choice. From this day forward, you come first. 

You deserve to feel good in your body. You deserve to know which foods will suit you best. You deserve awesome sleep. You deserve to have crazy fun with your loved ones. You deserve stress release and peace. You deserve to have a purpose in this lifetime for the sake of helping the world go round.


It's your time.

Life is short, to be enjoyed now. Imagine your body, strong, flexible and full of energy. Positivity has become your default, while stress rolls off. Imagine coming home after a long day and still having enough energy for your family. You feel good about your accomplishments. You know you are on the right path. Your mind is clear, focused and driving every great decision you make.

Imagine knowing yourself so well that you take a moment to breathe and transition before entering a stressful situation. You'll never again have doubt or confusion about your food choices. You know what emotional triggers will trip you up and you prepare ahead of time.

Ayurveda shows up right when we need it. If you've made it all the way down here, Ayurveda is here for you, my friend. With an open mind, full heart and eager spirit, you're ready to bloom! 


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