A Blooming Culture of Wellness

Helping your team avoid burnout
and thrive in mind, body and spirit.



Teaching your team to...

focus their minds, energize their bodies, 
and engage their spirit, so they can excel at growing your business.

If they are burning out, they won't perform well. They will disengage and demotivate from the things that build the business. Your culture and bottom line will take a hit as sickdays and turnover will increase.

That's no bueno. But it doesn't have to be that way.

As leaders of the culture, you can empower and encourage them to take care of themselves. In turn, they will take care of your business. 

When teams have the right tools and knowledge for selfcare, and a culture that champions wellbeing, they will feel freedom to love their work — and their life.

"Thank you so much, Monica. It’s definitely time for a life change! I received such positive feedback and I look forward to working with you in the near future."


Blooming Workplace Wellness

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I've been there! I was one of those employees who needed help.

I was a new director of a start up, had a 3-hour daily commute, and came home to a toddler. I didn't take care of myself well and completely burnt out! Watch the video to learn the SIMPLE mindset shift I used to get out of burnout and reclaim my days (psst...you can practice it too!).


With just a little self care, I was back to feeling fully engaged. As an employee and a manager, I know the toll burnout takes on us as individuals, how it ripples out to our teams, and then our business.
For the sake of our lives and our business, let's fix it.


Burnout can cause:

  • lack of mental power for innovation
  • lower productivity
  • disengagement, lack of motivation
  • irritability, pessimism
  • tension among teams
  • increased turnover
  • increased sick days



Benefits for wellness in the workplace:

  • clear, focused, innovative minds
  • higher performance, improved productivity
  • better engagement
  • positive flow among teams
  • employee retention
  • stronger immunity, less sick days


Blooming Workplace Wellness

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Some of the clients we've worked with to create happier employees

"Monica you absolutely KILLED IT with the Deloitte live stream today. So engaging, entertaining and relevant to their business."


Your trainer, Monica B.

Monica Bloom is a rare hybrid of corporate leadership, improv training, and Ayurvedic medicine. For over 10 years, she’s been on a mission to share Ayurveda to help people thrive in their unique mind, body and spirits, whether at work or at home.

Monica’s passion for our wellbeing combined with her background as an improv actor and 20 years in the corporate world has created a firey combo of wellness, ancient wisdom, fun, and business growth. 

Monica B. reaches an international audience with her book ‘In Your Elements’, online courses, team training and 1:1 coaching. She has been blessed to make an impact on employees at companies such as Deloitte, Airbnb, Pandora, Popsugar, Hornblower Cruises, Serious Leisure, and Aquent/VitaminT.


CONTACT: [email protected]

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Podcast: Bringing Ayurveda to Life
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Blooming Workplace Wellness

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