Know yourself, change your life. 

When you truly know yourself, you can change your life. In this workshop, you'll learn all about pitta dosha and pitta season.
Reduce stress, re-charge your energy, get clear on what foods are best for you, understand what makes pitta tick, and more. 
I mean, you want to thrive, right? Of course you do! You're a pitta.
I don't offer this anywhere else, so get signed up and change your LIFE!
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Included in the workshop

For notes, reflection and tracking your progress. Includes food lists, meal ideas, inspirations and more!

Registrants get the recording so you can go at your own pace, pause, rewind.

A vibrant info-dense e-book dedicated solely to pitta dosha and summer seasonal balance.

It's time to transform!

If you've been wanting to do better for yourself but aren't sure how, I got you. I'm a busy lady myself and have figured out how to juggle a busy day (life!) while taking good care of myself. I'll teach you to do the same. Ayurveda is way easier than you think, so don't think you can't do it. You can. Don't block yourself from doing something awesome. I got your back on this and it's your time to do better.

Transformation starts with you! In this 2-hour workshop you'll learn:

  • Pitta physical, emotional, and mental tendencies
  • The best foods for pitta, a lesson in nutrition
  • How to keep cool, calm, and peaceful, when life demands and stress levels rise
  • How to use your senses to create simple daily joys
  • Work-life performance tips so you have more time for play and relaxation
  • A simple & fun solution to avoid burnout
  • 5 foods to avoid that quickly cause imbalance for pittas
  • Common causes of pitta problems and simple fixes including stress, irritability, anger, heartburn, skin problems, and more.  

While this workshop focuses on pitta dosha and pitta season, it's not just for pittas! Enrich your relationships by gaining deeper understanding about your pitta loved ones. 

There's nothing like this, anywhere else.

For real, you can't find this type of training anywhere. You'll bring EASE and FUN into your diet & lifestyle practices that create a feeling of JOY every day. Life is made up of a string of days, so start creating better days and a better life.


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