"When Ayurveda is made simple and customized for you, you have all the power to transform your life."

- Monica B.

"Monica B is amazing! I just LOVE her. Her course is amazing and I've spent 7 years diving into ayurveda as a teacher myself. I highly recommend it."

Tara P. - British Columbia, Canada

"The course is lovely! Highly recommend to review and improve your life."

Kathy M.

"I have a much better handle now on how much I need to eat, and when to stop eating! My face is consistently not puffy, I am no longer getting the afternoon cloudiness, and sleeping is now super luxurious! Thank you so much for making this journey so accessible!! "

T. D. - Maryland, USA


• Sustained daily energy
• Optimal digestion
• Stronger immunity
• Confidence in food choices
• A healthy, happy relationship with food
• Calm, focused mind
• Less stress
• High quality sleep
• Full presence
• An understanding of yourself and your loved ones

Create Your Best Life is built so you can achieve any or all of these!


In Your Elements e-Book

Your foundation and home base for Ayurvedic basics. We will reference it in class.

Worksheets & Journal

Track your progress! Over 30 pages of worksheets and journal pages to reflect and implement true change.

6 Weeks Self-Paced

You'll get immediate access to the entire course. Do it all at once, or one week at a time. Review it again and again!

Lifetime Access

Never expires so you'll able to review this again and again. Recommended to do at least 1x per year to reset and adjust.

Support + 2 Live Q&As

You'll be supported! Monica B. answers all your questions in the class forum. You'll also get 2 live Q&As on April 10th and May 1st.

BONUS #1 Sattvic Living

Foods, habits, thoughts, people, environment all influence sattva (purity of the mind). Learn simple practices to promote peace and harmony, daily.

BONUS #2 Dosha Confusion

*LIVE CLASS!* What if I'm two doshas? What if my dosha conflicts with the season? This class will clear all that up! Recording will be available.


* 6 Weeks of Video-Based Training

* Online Training Portal — everything you need in one place

* Step-by-Step Roadmap to Creating Your Ayurvedic Plan

* LIFETIME ACCESS to the training

* Support! Monica answers all your questions in the forum

* Private Facebook Community Group

* E- Book, In Your Elements

* BONUS Training: Sattvic Living

* BONUS Workshop: Live class to “Clear Up Dosha Confusion”

Value over $800
Your Investment is $197

"The course is wonderful and Monica makes it easy to understand and use in your everyday life"

Kathryn B.

"Noooooo, I don't want it to end!!!! This was an awesome and enlightening experience. I learned many things, let go of some things that were not allowing for growth, accepted concepts I turned my nose up too, laughed, shed some tears, gave the concepts and experience a fair chance by putting in the effort AND I am happier, better because of it."

T. A. - Illinois, USA


Week 1  | Get Grounded

An overview and ground rules. Building a strong Ayurvedic foundation. Most of us don't know the rules and mistaken intellect is one of the causes of disease/imbalance. This week you'll learn the basics so you have solid footing for applying the practices.

Week 2  | Dosha Discovery

In-depth knowledge of the 3 doshas. Vata, pitta and kapha govern our bodies and the nature surrounding us! You'll get very familiar with these 3 "faults" learning where they live in our bodies and what your dosha might be! Learn the tendencies that help each dosha excel and watch out for what creates imbalance in the doshas. This week, you'll build an understanding of how you are unique!

Week 3  | Balancing Lifetime

Another one of the causative factors of imbalance is not doing things at the right time. Timing is everything because nature has a clock. When we live according to nature's clock, we will be more healthy than if  we don't. So,  timing matters. This week you'll learn to practice the right things at the right time in our day, our season and our life time.

Week 4  | New-Trition Part 1

It is said that most (90%) of all disease is caused by malfunctioning agni, our digestive fire. You'll learn how it functions best and what to do if it doesn't, and how to know if agni is weak. This week, learn how to build a strong digestive fire and good nutritional habits based on your dosha.


Week 5  | New-Trition Part 2

Taking nutrition one step deeper, this is where we break down the food's "6 tastes". The right balance of the 6 tastes for your dosha, brings harmony to the body and mind. Knowledge of the 6 tastes is how we stay optimally healthy and heal with our food! This week build your customized meal plan.


Week 6  | A Mindful Toolbox

The mind is the control center of our entire body, in fact, the mind doesn't reside in the brain, it pervades the entire body! Since the body and mind are connected, bringing harmony to one will lead the other to harmony as well. This week it all comes together to build out your whole Ayurvedic plan.


If you are looking for empowerment over your own health and therefore, life.

If you are willing to change your current daily and dietary habits

If you have an open mind

If you are excited about what is possible in this next step of your journey

If you can make room on your calendar 1 hour per week, for 6 weeks OR one day for 6 hours, to attend class. It's self-paced but the best results come from dedicated learning time.



If you want quick fixes and magic remedies

If you are unwilling to make changes to your current diet and lifestyle

If you are passive or doubtful about your ability to improve



"When Ayurveda is made simple and customized for you, you have all the power to transform your life."

It's your time. Join me for 6 weeks of transformation this spring!

Love, Monica B.



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